About us

Dolphin High gadgets & smoker supplies

Dolphin High is the online store for lovers of luxury smoking supplies and high-end gadgets. Our unique concept was born out of our passion for high-quality cannabis and our successful coffee shop adventure in the heart of Gouda. This has inspired us to offer an exclusive, diverse selection of smoking accessories and gadgets to a specific audience: the cannabis enthusiast who values detail and quality.

At Dolphin High, we focus on prestigious brands and strive to bring a wide range of accessories to the market. Whether you’re looking for a unique bong, the perfect rolling papers for your joint, or other innovative gadgets, you’ll find it all here. Our years of experience in our coffee shop and feedback from our loyal customers have given us valuable insights into what enthusiasts want. We try to maximize this knowledge to always offer you a high-quality, exclusive and ever-changing collection of smoking supplies and gadgets.

At Dolphin High, everything is about providing top quality and creating a unique shopping experience for cannabis enthusiasts looking for something special. Explore our assortment and be surprised by our exclusive selection.