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Eliminate odors of cannabis and tobacco with Biodor Control CNB.

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What makes it so effective?

First, it is specially designed to effectively eliminate tobacco and cannabis odors. The secret lies in the solid gel, which contains various odor neutralizers and inhibitors. When this gel evaporates, these components become gaseous and remain suspended in the air, waiting until they come into contact with odor molecules to then eliminate them completely.

Dankzij de innovatieve technologie en de hoge concentratie actieve ingrediënten is Biodor Control CNB niet alleen effectiever, maar gaat het ook langer mee dan vergelijkbare producten op de markt, ondanks het compacte 33-grams formaat. De verdampingssnelheid is afhankelijk van het verdampingsoppervlak, de temperatuur en luchtstroom in jouw ruimte.

Importantly, Biodor Control products do not mask odors, but actually eliminate them. If you are looking for a permanent solution to get rid of tobacco and cannabis odors, Biodor Control CNB is the answer.”

Biodor Control CNB offers effective solutions for various odor needs:

  1. Biodor Control CNB Neutral: This version is specially designed to leave as little residual odor as possible after use. The advanced and highly efficient formula works directly on odor molecules and completely neutralizes them, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant, fresh environment without unwanted odors.
  2. Biodor Control CNB Eucalyptus: If you prefer to add a touch of freshness to your environment, the eucalyptus version of Biodor Control CNB Gel is the ideal choice. This variant not only eliminates unwanted odors, but also leaves behind a soft eucalyptus scent, refreshing the atmosphere in the room. Choose a pleasant and odor-free environment with a touch of eucalyptus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Biodor Control CNB? Biodor Control CNB is a harmless polymer containing a range of liquid odor neutralizers based on non-toxic natural and synthetic oils. These odor neutralizers evaporate to create molecules that remain in the air and in contact with odor molecules, neutralize them.

How does Biodor Control CNB work? Odors are made up of chemical compounds; odor neutralizers break the chemical bonds between molecules, neutralizing the odor.

How long does Biodor Control CNB last? The duration of Biodor Control CNB depends on temperature, airflow and evaporative surface area. The product is very effective for 1-2 months, after that it can continue to work, but the effectiveness decreases.

What are the benefits of Biodor Control CNB?

  • It is the most effective formulation on the market.
  • Different sizes allow us to remove odor from large indoor surfaces or from the air before it goes outside.
  • Longevity.
  • Easy to use.

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