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In the summer of 2022, in the midst of a lively cannabis festival, the idea behind Highway Studio was born. As a seasoned coffee shop employee with ten years of experience, I noticed a gap in the market for quality, stylish apparel that reflects the true essence of the cannabis community. The search for a 420 T-shirt yielded little, with striking flower power hues and exaggerated cartoon images of bongs and joints. This did not reflect the subtlety and versatility I had observed in my years in the coffee shop.

Why did beer and liquor brands have their own stylish merchandise, but the cannabis community lacked something similar? The idea began to take shape: a 420-minded brand combining high-quality clothing with sophisticated designs, far away from glaring stereotypes. Inspired by the American streetscape, where cities proudly represent their sports teams, I wanted to create something that allowed Dutch people to show their roots without being stuck with soccer club loyalty.

At a time when American weed was making its way to Holland, we came up with our signature design: “The Postage Stamp.” A symbol that travels the world, connecting loved ones and bringing messages from one side of the globe to the other.

From clothing to a lifestyle…

Although our launch was scheduled for 4-20-23, Highway Studio encountered some setbacks. The first batch of T-shirts turned out not to meet our quality standards, and after an unsuccessful re-order, we decided to expand our horizons to accessories. We looked for products that were popular in the United States and not yet widely available in the Netherlands. This created a growing selection of affordable, high-quality items that embodied our brand philosophy.

In addition to our online presence, we also host Puff n Paint events, where art and relaxation come together over a delicious joint. These events extend to multiple cities because we believe the smoker community needs these kinds of connections.

Welcome to Highway Studio, where your style and subtlety come together.

Mitch Resmann Highway Studio

“Highway Studio: Where style arises from the essence of the cannabis community, and ‘The Stamp’ travels from one side of the world to the other, our collection of quality, 420-minded items connects. From setbacks we grow, from clothing to a lifestyle, creating experiences together in every city, because the smoker community deserves connecting moments.”

Highway Studio

Highway Studio: Where style crosses the highway with subtlety and ‘The Stamp’ travels the world, our brand connects not just clothing, but an entire lifestyle

Smoking has become an art form for many, a way to relax and enjoy precious moments. For those who want to take their smoking experience to the next level, we introduce HIGHWAY STUDIO’s luxurious Glass Filter Sets with a 3-pack mix of filters. These glass filters are designed to enhance your smoking experience on both an aesthetic and functional level.

What makes HIGHWAY STUDIO glass filters special?

1. Purification of Smoke:
One of the main advantages of HIGHWAY STUDIO glass filters is their ability to filter out impurities and small particles from your joint. This results in a cleaner, purer smoke that maximizes the flavor of your herbs.
2. Cooling of Smoke:
As you enjoy your joint, HIGHWAY STUDIO’s glass filter cools inhaled smoke. This means you no longer experience hot, sharp hits, especially when you are halfway through your joint. The added comfort makes the whole smoking experience more enjoyable.
3. Stylish Design:
HIGHWAY STUDIO’s Glass Filter Sets contain several filters, each with a unique design. Whether you choose the Hash Hole 10mm for special dougnut/hash hole joints or the Tornado 8mm for your daily sessions, each filter adds a stylish twist to your join

A look at the filters:

– Hash Hole 10mm:

Perfect for rolling dougnut/hash hole joints, this HIGHWAY STUDIO filter not only adds style, but also allows for a unique smoking experience by melting hash and creating a hole in the middle of your joint.

– Tornado 8mm:

For everyday smoking sessions, HIGHWAY STUDIO’s 8mm Tornado filter not only offers a cooling effect, but also looks cool. A combination of functionality and aesthetics for an enhanced smoking experience.

– Cannabriole (Standard Glass Filter) 10mm:

A reliable choice for traditional filtering, this HIGHWAY STUDIO filter helps remove debris and cools the smoke, resulting in a more pleasant and cooler smoking experience.

Maintenance is a Breeze”

All square boxes come with a cleaning tube and brush to keep your HIGHWAY STUDIO filters in top condition. Please note that the 3-pack Tornado filter does not include a plastic cleaning tube, but does include a handy brush.

Why Use HIGHWAY STUDIO Glass Filters?

If you strive for a top-notch smoking experience, HIGHWAY STUDIO glass filters are the key. Not only do they add aesthetic value, but they also enhance flavor and cool the smoke, making every joint an enjoyable experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Discover the difference that HIGHWAY STUDIO glass filters can make in your smoking routine and upgrade to the Glass Filter Sets today!

“Enrich your smoking experience, discover the difference with HIGHWAY STUDIO glass filters! Buy now and turn every joint into a work of art. Upgrade your smoking routine – your new essential accessory awaits in our webshop!