Ashtray Picnic


Discover the Grollz Metal Ashtray, made of high quality metal and equipped with 4 convenient cutouts for your cigarettes. Each metal ashtray exudes originality and can be individually authenticated by scanning the unique authenticity code.



  • High Quality Metal: Our Grollz ashtrays are made of durable and high quality metal, ensuring long life.
  • Convenient Cigarette Cutouts: With 4 edge cutouts, this ashtray offers plenty of space to place your cigarettes while smoking or pausing.
  • Authenticity Check: Scan the corresponding authenticity code to verify the authenticity of each metal ashtray to ensure you have an authentic Grollz product.

Add a touch of style and authenticity to your smoking experience with the Grollz Metal Ashtray. Order now and enjoy a practical and original piece for your smoking pleasure.

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