Bubblegum Flavoured Hemp Wraps


Discover our Organic Hemp Wraps, with 2 pre-rolled wraps in each package. These wraps are made with the highest quality organic Spanish hemp and have filters made from corn cobs.



  • Organic Hemp: Our wraps are made from the best organic Spanish hemp. They are tear-resistant and have excellent moisture retention, which makes filling the wraps effortless.
  • Eco-friendly Filters: The filters are made from corncobs, a sustainable and natural material, making you an eco-friendly choice.
  • Tasty Pleasure: These wraps are infused with the refreshing taste of gum, making your smoking experience even more enjoyable.
  • Authenticity Check: Verify the authenticity of each package by simply scanning the QR code to ensure you have an authentic product.

Enjoy natural pleasure with our Organic Hemp Wraps. Order now and experience the perfect combination of organic ingredients and delicious taste during your smoking sessions.

Additional information

Dimensions 10,6 cm
Hemp wrap


Grollz Pets Rock

King Size



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