Cannaseur Club Humidor XXL-SHS


Are you looking for the perfect storage solution for your valuable buds and harvests? Our XXLA Humidor offers the ultimate in protection and control, so you can enjoy your precious products with confidence.

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  • Suitable for up to 120g of cannabis
  • Includes 67g Boveda moisture pack, cork trivet & wooden tongs
  • Dimensions: 14 x 25cm
  • Includes Smart humidity sensor

1. Optimal Conservation: The XXLA Humidor is designed like an elegant apothecary bottle, fitted with an airtight glass stopper. This ensures that your herbs and crops stay fresh while harmful light is kept out. No more reason to hide your precious products in a closet.

2. Smart Technology: Our humidor is equipped with a Bluetooth hygrometer that sends real-time data and statistics to your smartphone. This gives you accurate insight into the storage conditions of your herbs at all times.

3. Convenient App Integration: The accompanying app not only gives you access to current information about your storage, but also alerts you when the Boveda “2-way-humidity-control” pack needs to be replaced. Thus, you are always assured of the ideal conditions for your valuable buds.

With the XXLA Humidor, we offer you the perfect solution for storing and enhancing your precious buds and harvests. Order it now and enjoy the highest quality and ease of use this humidor has to offer!

“Please note that due to the exclusivity of our products, some items may have a slightly longer delivery time. We appreciate your patience and assure you that the wait will be worth it.”

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Dimensions 14 × 25 cm


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