Champ High Skull Wind Flame Lighters


The Champ High Skull Wind Flame Lighters are not just any lighters; they are a statement of style and reliability. These wind-resistant lighters are designed to reflect your fiery passion while providing you with a reliable flame for all your smoking needs.



  1. Unique Skull Designs: The Champ High Skull Wind Flame Lighters are available in an array of unique skull designs. Whether you are a rocker, an art lover or just a lover of distinctive style, there is a design to suit you.
  2. Windproof: These lighters are designed to be reliable even in windy conditions. The wind-resistant flame keeps your fire from being extinguished, giving you a consistent flame every time.
  3. Reliable Ignition: The ignition of these lighters is reliable and effortless. With the push of a button, you instantly get a powerful flame ready for use.
  4. Reusable and Refillable: These lighters are reusable and refillable, which means you no longer have to buy disposable lighters. In doing so, you also contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle.
  5. Safe and Convenient: The lighters have a safety lock to prevent accidental ignition. They are compact and fit easily in your pocket or bag, so you can always have them with you.

Whether you’re a smoker or just looking for a stylish and reliable lighter for everyday use, the Champ High Skull Wind Flame Lighters offer it all. They combine personal style and practicality, making them perfect for anyone who wants to light a fire with flair.

Add fiery style to your assortment with the Champ High Skull Wind Flame Lighters and give your customers the opportunity to show their passion with every ignition. Order them today and let your customers enjoy a reliable and stylish fire experience.

Additional information

Weight 1,354 kg
Dimensions 13 × 20 × 22 cm


Blue, brown, light blue, red


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