Collector ‘Mushroom Lady’ Pink KS Papers + Tips Booklet


Discover the purity of rolling with our G-Rollz Kingsize Flu, made in France with crushed plant fibers and acacia tree sap as an all-natural sticky edge. Everything about these papers is natural, giving you a pure rolling experience.

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  • Natural Ingredients: G-Rollz paper is made with carefully selected crushed plant fibers and acacia tree sap as the adhesive edge. No artificial additives or chemicals, just the pure essence of nature.
  • Complete Set: Each booklet contains 50 king-size blotting papers, 50 filter tips and a handy bamboo stick. Everything you need for a perfect smoking experience in one package.
  • Exclusive Collector Artworks: These GROLLZ Collector Artworks are exclusive and add a unique artistic touch to your smoking ritual.
  • Verifiable Authenticity: Each booklet has a QR code that allows you to verify its authenticity. That way you can be sure you have a genuine G-Rollz product in your hands.
  • Display/Box of 24 Booklets: You’ll receive a display/box of 24 booklets, so you’ll have plenty of supplies to enjoy or share with friends.

Experience the purity of rolling with G-Rollz Kingsize Flu and enjoy a natural and authentic smoking experience. Add these exclusive GROLLZ Collector Artworks to your collection and roll with confidence. Order today and discover the difference of G-Rollz.

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