Dolphin High Rolling Paper Regular Size

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Dive into a unique smoking experience with our Dolphin High Rolling Papers, specially designed with inspiration from our own coffee shop and the familiar space-like theme that many know and love. These particular papers will take your smoking sessions to the next level, literally and figuratively!



  • Quirky Design: Our Dolphin High Rolling Papers are inspired by the otherworldly and mysterious. The design takes you on a journey through the cosmos as you enjoy your favorite smoke.
  • Top quality: We chose Flamez tissue paper, synonymous with excellent quality and burning properties. These rolling papers ensure an even and slow burn, allowing you to enjoy your smoking experience to the fullest.
  • Perfect Size: Our rolling papers come in the perfect size for your smoking needs, making them suitable for both solo use and sharing with friends.
  • Easy to Roll: The thin and sturdy paper is ideal for beginners and experienced rollers alike. With Dolphin High Rolling Papers, you effortlessly roll the perfect joint.
  • Ideal Gift: Whether you want to treat yourself or are looking for a unique gift for a smoking enthusiast, these rolling papers are a great choice.

Get your Dolphin High Rolling Papers today and add a touch of mystique to your smoking sessions. Each pack is a masterpiece in itself and guarantees an extraordinary smoking experience. Order now and experience the cosmic taste of Dolphin High!

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