Dutch Cones | KS White Pre-Rolled Cones 3pcs in pack


Discover the Dutch Cones KS Size White Pre-rolled Cones, an eco-friendly smoking accessory that offers a natural alternative for users. Each package contains 3 King Size cones made from 100% unrefined, chlorine-free paper, ensuring clean, pure flavor and slow, even burning. The set includes 50 packs in a sleek, minimalist display case, making it easy to display these high-quality, environmentally conscious pre-distilled cones.

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  1. Environmentally Friendly: Dutch Cones KS White Pre-rolled Cones offer an environmentally friendly option for smokers who value sustainability.
  2. Natural Materials: Made from 100% unrefined, chlorine-free paper, these cones provide a pure taste experience without unwanted chemicals.
  3. Slow and Even Combustion: Enjoy slow and even combustion that improves the taste of your smokes.
  4. Display Case: The cones come in a sleek display case, making them easy to present and store.
  5. Suitable for King Size Joints: With their King Size size, these cones are ideal for those who enjoy a generous smoking experience.

Choose Dutch Cones KS Size White Precut Cones and add an environmentally conscious and high quality element to your smoking habits. Order today and experience the purity of these natural cones.


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