Golden Cone (24K Gold)


Experience ultimate luxury and style with the G Rollz Golden Cone, dipped in 24-karat gold. This premium cone is designed for those looking for an exceptional smoking experience with a touch of glamour and elegance. Each one is precision crafted and coated with a layer of 24-karat gold, which not only attracts attention but also offers a unique taste experience.



  1. Shiny Elegance: The G Rollz Golden Cone is coated with a layer of 24-karat gold, making every smoking session a stylish and precious affair.
  2. High Quality Materials: Made of high-quality paper and with carefully selected materials, this cone offers clean and consistent combustion.
  3. Pre-turned Convenience: Each one is pre-turned for your convenience, so you can enjoy it right away without fuss.
  4. Perfect Size: The cone is the perfect size for a generous smoking experience and is suitable for herbs or tobacco.
  5. Unique Taste: The G Rollz Golden Cone not only adds a touch of luxury, but can also contribute to a refined taste experience.

Enrich your smoking moments with the brilliance and class of the G Rollz Golden Cone with 24-karat gold. Whether you want to impress friends or just enjoy ultimate luxury, these cones offer an unforgettable and flavorful experience. Add them to your collection and experience the brilliance of pleasure with 24-karat gold.

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