Highway Hash Hole 1-pack


Meet the Hash Hole: The Revolution for Doughnut and Daily Joints!

The Hash Hole is your ultimate companion for rolling both the legendary doughnut hash joint and your daily favorite. For the doughnut joint: you create a pure joint with a sublime hash secret. When the hash is skillfully heated and melted, it creates the distinctive hole (hole) in the middle of your joint that inspired the name “doughnut.”

But the Hash Hole is not limited to these extravagant creations; it also enhances your everyday smoking experience.

  • Why choose glass filters?

Using glass filters when smoking elevates your entire smoking experience to a higher level. Not only do they filter harmful substances and small particles from your smoke, but they also cool the inhaled smoke, allowing you to enjoy a cooler, more pleasant draw halfway through your joint. With the Hash Hole, you enjoy nothing but benefits. Don’t hesitate any longer and experience it for yourself NOW!

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