Highway Hash Hole 3-pack


Discover the Hash Hole: Enrich Your Smoking Experience with a Doughnut Hash Joint

Designed specifically for the famous doughnut hash joint, the Hash Hole allows you to roll a pure joint with a sublime hash secret. When the hash is first heated and melted, it creates an intriguing hole in the middle of your joint, giving it its name: the doughnut! But rest assured, the Hash Hole can also enhance your trusty “every day joint.”

With the 3-pack Hash Hole, you receive not only this masterful piece of smoking tool, but also a handy brush and a plastic cleaning tube to easily and thoroughly clean your glass tips, so you can enjoy optimal performance for a long time.

  • Why choose glass filters?

Using glass filters when smoking not only increases the quality of your smoking experience, but also filters out harmful substances and small particles from your joint. At the same time, the filter cools the inhaled smoke, allowing you to enjoy a pleasant, cool smoke halfway through your joint, resulting in an even more enjoyable experience! In short, only benefits. Don’t wait any longer and try out the Hash Hole now!

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