Pets Rock Cover for Small Tray


Discover our durable, high-quality magnetic cover sheet with convenient size, featuring original artwork. This cover sheet is a practical addition to your smoking equipment and can be individually authenticated by simply scanning the QR code. Designed to be used with the accompanying rolling tray.

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  • Durable and High Quality: The cover shelf is manufactured with an eye for durability and quality, ensuring that it will last a long time.
  • Convenient Size: With its convenient size, this magnetic cover sheet fits perfectly on the matching rolling tray, making it easy to protect your smoking supplies.
  • Original Artwork: The cover sheet is decorated with original artwork that adds an artistic touch to your smoking experience.
  • Authenticity Check: Each magnetic lid features a QR code for easy authenticity verification, so you can be sure you have an authentic Pets Rock product.

Additional information

Dimensions 18 × 14 cm


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