Puffco Budsy Bottle Portable Bong


Discover the Puffco Budsy bottle – The Ultimate Discreet Bong!

You wouldn’t tell by looking at it, but the Puffco Budsy bottle is actually an advanced bong in disguise! This unique bong looks like an everyday drinking bottle, but allows you to enjoy your favorite herbs anytime, anywhere. It is the perfect combination of portability, discretion and functionality.

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  1. Ceramic Bowl: The Puffco Budsy bottle is equipped with a high-quality ceramic bowl, ensuring a clean and flavorful smoking experience. Simply place your favorite “flowers” in the removable bowl and enjoy the flavorful smoke.
  2. Integrated Mouthpiece: The integrated mouthpiece provides a comfortable way to inhale and allows you to discreetly enjoy your smoke wherever you are.
  3. Hidden Diffuser and Inline Percolator: The Puffco Budsy bottle features a hidden diffuser with an inline percolator, which ensures effective and refreshing filtration of the smoke, making your hits soft and pleasant.
  4. Unbreakable and Dishwasher Safe: Made of Tritan, an unbreakable, tasteless and dishwasher safe plastic, the Budsy is not only durable but also easy to clean.
  5. Discretion: With a sealable mouthpiece and bowl, the Puffco Budsy bottle is ideal for carrying unnoticed in public. The discreet design ensures that no one will suspect you are carrying a bong.

Why the Puffco Budsy bottle?

The Puffco Budsy bottle offers smoke lovers the ultimate way to discreetly enjoy their favorite herbs without compromising on quality and convenience. Its portable design makes it perfect for travel, and its unbreakable material ensures that it’s always ready for your next adventure.

Turn any occasion into a smoking occasion with the Puffco Budsy bottle. Order yours today and discover why this is the ultimate discreet bong for the modern smoker.

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