Highway Tornado Filters 3-pack


Designed specifically for your everyday smoking experience, the Tornado 8mm filter offers all the benefits you would expect from a glass filter.

Why choose a glass filter? Using glass filters when smoking improves the overall smoking experience. These filters filter harmful substances and small particles from your joint, and they simultaneously cool the inhaled smoke. This allows you to inhale a much more pleasant and cool smoke halfway through your joint, resulting in a more enjoyable experience. In addition, the 3-pack comes with a handy brush to clean your glass tips with alcohol, allowing you to keep them in optimal use for a long time. Choose the Tornado 8mm filter for an enhanced and more satisfying smoking experience!

“It is important to note that alcohol must be purchased separately and is not included with the Tornado 8mm filter product. The brush that comes with the 3-pack can be used to clean the glass tips with the purchased alcohol, allowing you to keep them in optimal condition for a long time for an even better smoking experience.”


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